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Aluminum Casting Molds

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We offer die cast tooling and squeeze cast tooling design, engineering, and production tooling for advanced manufacturing processes for complex, high-performance products. Our die cast tooling solutions include tooling for precision aluminum and magnesium castings for complex products such as wheels, brake drums, and suspension components. Our high-speed machining and automated EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) capabilities ensure superior die cast tooling performance providing unsurpassed castings with dimensional accuracy, tight tolerances, and smooth finishes.

Die Cast Tooling Casting Specifications

Castings Range:
Ounces to 300 lb. Castings

Die Cast Tooling Advantages
Wide Range of Complex Applications
Excellent Dimensional Accuracy
Close Tolerances
Smooth Cast Surfaces
Casting Tensile Strength
Reduce or Eliminate Post Machining Operations
Rapid Production Rates


Post finishing includes blasting, polishing, plating, painting, printing, anodizing, and precision fine machining. Pressure die casting is a method of processing aluminum into engineering shapes by molding molten metal into hardened pressure die casting molds.

About Die Casting
The die casting process forces molten aluminum, magnesium, and zinc under high pressure and control speed into the cavities of two part tooling molds—a fixer die half and an ejector die half with the impression of the casting component fabricated into the die or mold. Pressure is maintained on the mold until the hot metal solidifies and once hardened, the die is opened to remove the casting.

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