Electrical discharge machining

Wire EDM Shapes More Intricate Parts

 If you’re looking for a wire EDM machine   shop to shape your highly regulated   medical or aerospace components,   consider our know-how and get a quote.

  We cut and contour your parts with when   your specifications require wire EDM   tolerances

  • intricate tolerances within ± 0.0002”

  • mirror-like surface finishes

  • small corner radiuses

In addition to grinding precision parts for   more than 500 manufacturers worldwide,   we are also a national wire-cutting   supplier.
We have more than 55 years of   experience  in forming aerospace parts.   For more than 25 years, in addition to our   tools, we have also used EDM to   manufacture medical parts.

What is Electric discharge machining(EDM)?

Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) is a manufacturing process that uses electrical discharges (sparks) to remove material from a workpiece. It's also known as spark machining, spark eroding, burning, die sinking, wire burning or wire erosion.

EDM is commonly used in industries where traditional machining methods are impractical or ineffective, such as aerospace, automotive, medical device manufacturing, and tool and die making.  It's especially useful for machining complex shapes, hardened materials, and materials with very high strength or hardness, such as hardened steel and titanium alloys.

Industry-leading manufacturing capabilities

Wire and Sinker EDM
5 Axis Machining
Lathe Machining
qc-mold uses advanced EDMmachining technology to excel industryrequirements, Systomatic's sinker EDM.wire EDM, and hole drilling machinesare feature-packed, suited for highproduction, and deliver performanceand quality that excels our customer'sexpectations. Please contact us for anyquote or general help regarding allaspects of EDM'ing
The system provides 5-axis CNC machining, which can achieve an angular tolerance of 2 percent (.o02). Our focus on true 5-axis contour machining allows us to manufacture the most complex parts.
provides industry leadingCNC lathe machining and turning servicesEquipped with experienced personnel, weconsistently excel our client's expectations.

Wire EDM Capabilities

Consider our EDM wire cutting service. With two Agiecharmilles CuT 200 sp machines, you can get up to tens of thousands of precision-cut parts in your production run.xing
Our EDM drill or hole blaster is an Agiecharmiles CNC EDM drill bit 20. It can be EDM through holes and holes with diameters ranging from 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm. It has a precision of one thousandth of a millimetre

Our wire EDM capabilities include—

  • .004 diameter wire to .010 diameter wire

  • +/- .0002″ tolerances

  • Parts up to 16″ thick (machine travels: 23.6″ x 15.7″ x 16.5″; maximum workpiece dimensions: 41.3” x 32.3” x 16.3”

  • Angle taper up to 20 degrees

  • Small wire burning

  • Four-axis burns— EDM Drill 20 can make through holes and blind holes from 0.1mm – 3.0mm diameter. It can hold tolerances of +/-.0002”.

  • Multiple setups—For parts that require features going in more than one direction, we can burn vertical and then turn it lengthwise for a horizontal burn.

  • Production jobs – Our production runs range in quantity and lot sizes can be up to tens of thousands of parts.

  • Specialized fixtures— We design and make custom fixtures to hold parts in ways to make unique cuts.

  • ESPRIT® high-performance CAM system

  • FTool clamping system by EROWA

  • Precise shape to shape location and fitting

  • Solidworks CAD program compatibility

  • Job sizes from 1 to 1,000,000 pieces

How does EDM Cutting work

It uses a thin single-strand metal wire that acts as a tool electrode to generate heat to cut a linear line through a metal workpiece. The thin wire creates an intense electrical spark that erodes the part’s material with exacting precision without physical pressure.

We use wire EDM for projects that have intricate tolerances, material stress limitations, and surface finish specifications. The number of passes to cut the workpiece affects tolerance and surface finish. More passes deliver a higher degree of precision and better finishes.

For high-volume projects with material too brittle for stamping, wire EDM offers a viable alternative. We stack work material in flat layers so we can cut through the stack for a high volume of precision parts.

Wire EDM cutting contours any conductive material difficult to shape with conventional machining techniques. Conductive metals include alloys, superalloys, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, carbon graphite, carbon steel, stainless steel, and titanium.

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