Q   How do I get a manufacturing quote?

You submit CAD drawings in 2D and 3D and you will get a free quote within hours.

 Q   What CAD file formats can QICHUANG MOLD accept?

In order to provide accurate quotes, we only accept DWG, DXF, IGES, Solid Works, Master Cam format files, drawings require complete manufacturing information.

 Q   Who is responsible for my order?

Each order is assigned a Technical Sales Manager and a Lead Project Engineer who are present from order initiation through part delivery.launch to the delivery of your parts.

 Q   How long is your lead time?

It depends upon the complexity, size and quantity of the item you need. We will give you approximate delivery time in quotation.

 Q   What extra service you can provide?

We not only provide metal CNC machining, but also anodizing, painting, polishing, powder coating, sand blasting and heat treatment.

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