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What Is Rapid Mold

rapid mold a technique that accelerates the product development process, enabling designers and engineers to quickly transition from the conceptual design phase to a model with a physical form. By using a range of technologies and materials, a preliminary version of a product or a partial functional prototype of it can be constructed in a short time for testing, evaluation and improvement. This process emphasizes speed and iteration, aiming to identify design flaws and potential problems early on, while promoting user and other stakeholders' participation and feedback, thereby optimizing product design and reducing risk and cost in later development.

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About us

At QC mold, we don't just produce plastic injection mold items. We are able to design and create molds for all types of plastic part applications, as well as create die cast molds and stamping mold for metal products. we offer mold try-out, and parts production using our Toshiba injection machines and die casting machines etc. For larger forged tooling and machining needs we also offer larger CNC and manual horizontal boring mills and vertical machining centers.

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