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We provide metal cutting and bending services to help customers with sheet metal parts processing. The automated cutting process guarantees high precision and high quality of the finished parts. According to customer needs, all parts can be sprayed, heat treatment and other post-processing.

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Advantages of ordering sheet metal parts from qc-mold

Fast delivery

High production efficiency and large scale

Diverse choice

Strict quality control

Our mold lead time is very short: for fast tooling, prototypes can be obtained in 5-10 working days
Can be mass produced, we can quickly produce large quantities of products for you
Using a variety of different materials, dozens of different combinations of surface treatments, tolerances and marking are available. We also provide material certification
We use strict internal quality control to ensure that the parts are flawless.

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Overview: What is sheet metal?

Basic knowledge of sheet metal processing
Sheet metal machining is the process of making flat metal plates (usually between 0.15mm and 10mm in thickness) into parts and structures of various shapes. The common material for this process is a metal plate. Sheet metal processing is used to make shells, bases, brackets, stamping parts, crimp and other objects. This process can also be used for decorative purposes, such as forming patterns on metal plates.

How to process sheet metal?

In sheet metal manufacturing, thin sheet metal is placed on a platform on which a laser cutter (1) draws a programmed part pattern. Depending on the geometry of the part, sheet metal punches (2) can form additional features. After the parts are deburred, they move to the bending machine (3), where the final geometry is formed. Additional secondary machining is usually used to complete sheet metal parts.

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